Creating folder if name doesn't already exist

Hello everyone


I have two apps (List and Shared Document) from two different subsites. My List in Subsite 1 has this form where they will indicate their manager name using person picker. I want to create a workflow wherein It will create a new document in Shared Document in Subsite 2 IF name doesn't already exist. I can already create a new folder using the workflow:


1. Set variable (Manager Field) 

2. Create item in another site using the Variable as the folder name


But I'm not sure on how to tackle what to insert before this to search or check if Name already exist as a folder name. I don't want to overwrite the new folder with the old one since they already have files inside them. Let me know if there are other approaches to this 


EDIT: Also is there a way where I can also include a workflow wherein I can change the folder's access permission. I want to remove access inheritance to parent site so the newly created folders should only have specific access and one of then is the Manager

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