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Creating MS Word with text based on sharepoint list variables

Hello Nintex community! This my first time using Nintex, and I'm thinking there should be a way to do what I need to do, but I'm not finding it. 🙂 I may be biting off more than I can chew. 


I have an existing Nintex form linked to a SharePoint list and Document library to manage product information creation and copywriting, and I'm working on getting a workflow to send notifications and manage approvals. The best option would be to have the document created at the beginning of the process using the workflow. 


There's standard text based on an element in the list (product type, features, etc) and I'd like to do something like if/or when generating the documents. i.e. if X, use "this text" here. 


The catch is the standard text isn't in the SharePoint list, it stored the variable. I'm not sure how to get the workflow to make that function. Will I need to store the standard text somewhere else and add it based on the SharePoint list? I looked into the content control options but that will only import the data in the field of the SharePoint list. 



- The documents are used for copywriting so need to be in MS Word format

- the standard text may change, so there will need to be some means to update it, which hopefully won't need changes to the workflow


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Nintex Employee

Re: Creating MS Word with text based on sharepoint list variables

In general you would have a template with your standard text and then update that document using the update document action which uses word services which can reference variables.

As an alternative you could use the same concept as above but uses Nintex's document generation action.
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