Create different tasks for group members

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We have a requirement to send group members an email with an attachment and to track each individuals acknowledgement of said email.  The group can contain upwards of 400 individuals.  I'm hoping there is a better alternative to my current approach.  Here is the main workflow.

2-13-2016 6-57-34 AM.png

This workflow creates items in another list in batches of 50 (I found creating all the items without a delay caused workflow errors).  There is another workflow on the other list that assigns a Flexi task with Lazy approval enabled.  Once this task has been completed I set the completed flag on the item.  One of my concerns with this approach is the number of workflows I'm creating.  The system seems to be able to handle the batches of 50 but I'm hoping there is a way that is simpler and doesn't require creating so many workflows. Another approach would be to just send emails and have the replies go to an email enabled doc lib and have a workflow process the incoming emails and update the status, basically implementing Lazy Approval myself.  Not ideal but probably a less resource intensive approach.

Any thoughts on these approaches or other ideas?

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Re: Create different tasks for group members


did you ever make any headway on this project?  I'm looking to do the same thing for training acknowledgements and concerned about the same issues.  

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