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Create HTML-table from Workflow Task overview (HumanTaskLogInfo)


i'm hoping the subject ist right here.


I am facing a problem and don’t know how it can be solved. I need to write the tasks results including times to the element (at the end of a workflow).

So it should look like:



The reason of this is, we would delete the Workflow Tasks and Workflow History,…


I was able to export the individual tasks as XML and save it as a HTLM-table in the element using the web service.

[..website url..]/_vti_bin/NintexWorkflow/workflow.asmx" and call the function


I receive a logical structure that I restrict to the tag (humantasks), second I run through this XML (loop through the HumanTaskLogInfo) and create an HTML table and get the following result:




That's almost all I want…


The problem now is the first task is delegated by an automatic delegate rule (long therm delegation) to a second person. The first and second task created on the hundredth of a second at the same time. In this case, the first task always misses the specific end date.


<UserEndTimeShort />
<UserEndTimeLong />
<UserEndDateShort />
<UserEndDateLong />


This can be easily solved when I set the EntryDate/Time or UserActionDate/Time in the EndDate/Time. The bigger problem is that in the header of each task missing the end date (UserEndDateShort and UserEndTimeShort) because if there are more than oneperson affectet the End-Date of the Task is always empty.


"Task: [Task Name] - at Starts: [EntryDate Short] [Entry Times Hort], ended at [UserEndDateShort] [UserEndTimeShort].


I've attached my nwf file and the HumanTasks.xml. In case that someone has an idea and just wanted to try it.

I hope I could explain my problem well; my English skills are a little rusty. If more information is required, I try to reply promptly.


Thanks and have a nice day.


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