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Counting items in a list (without Query List)


Like the post below, I am trying to use nintex to count the number of number items in a list based on their status (from a dropdown). The problem is, Query List has been removed from the list of tools available by the admins. Is there a way to count without Query List?



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Re: Counting items in a list (without Query List)

The absolute easiest way is to use the Query List action. 

Is there a specific reason the admins have removed that action? I'd very curious of their reasoning. 


If they won't allow that action, I doubt they'd allow the Call a Web Service action, but you could try looking for it.


If you do have it, you could use it to call the Lists.asmx 


Warning: This will require knowledge of XML/CAML to build out your query. 



There are plenty of tutorials and articles online for walking through this process, but it will probably take some trial and error.


Again, the Query List action is going to be the best solution for this, so I would suggest reaching out to the admins to find out why they've removed it. 


If their issue has to do with permissions, Nintex doesn't just give a user additional permissions to view everything, unless the workflow has been set to Run as Workflow Owner. Then the workflow runs with that the permissions of whomever published the workflow last. 

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