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Copy to file share - create new folder

Hey everyone.  I am using Nintex Workflow action "Copy to file share" for Sharepoint 2019, and I have a need to take files in a document library and move them to a location on a shared drive.  I have no problem with getting the action to work for individual files, but I need to be able to dynamically create a new folder within the specified directory, so that they can stay organized.  I have tried specifying the non-existing folder name in the path (I have found that this sometimes works, specifically with scan to folder via smb) but instead of creating the folder I get "Error Code: (55) The specified network resource or device is no longer available." 


We are using an SPFx webpart to gather these documents as part of a process that ends with these documents needing to be swept into a folder for imaging (our imaging software doesn't have a sharepoint connector).


Does anyone know of a way to automate the creation of a folder on a shared drive from sharepoint/nintex so that the users don't have to create the folder as part of their process? 

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