Copy or Create Item in a Variable List Name

I have one large list called "Projects" that has a Status column. When an item's status is changed to "Resolved", the list workflow should wait 2 weeks and then be deleted from the Projects list and copied to an archive list.


I have a site workflow that creates a new archive list using a specific template each month. Each list has a unique name, such as "Archive List April 2019", "Archive List May 2019", etc. 


When i use the "Copy Item" or "Create Item" action in the list workflow, I can only select lists that already exist. I need to be able to use a variable - since the list name will change.


Is there any way that this is possible? I need to seperate the archives by month because in the past, pushing them all to one list has resulted in a list with over 10,000 entries. Trying to avoid that.  

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Re: Copy or Create Item in a Variable List Name

You'll need to use the Call a Web Service action, which allows you to dynamically enter the List Name.


Personally, I've never had an issue going over the 10,000 item List View Threshold as long as I setup indexed columns and views to use them. If that's the only reason you're trying to avoid the limitation, I'd suggest looking into index columns so you don't have to deal with this additional workflow procedure.

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