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Copy attachment from a list item to another list item using SharePoint REST API

I am having trouble using SharePoint's REST API to copy attachments from one list item to another list item in a different site collection. Can someone please help?


Using REST, I am able to generate the attachment, but it's contents are blank


I used a Web Request to get the contents of the attachment:



2019-10-25 16_49_04-Workflow Designer - Internet Explorer.png


I then used another Web Request to add the attachment to desired list item:



2019-10-25 16_43_03-Workflow Designer - Internet Explorer.png


However, the attachment is blank 😞


I know there have been previous topics that have touched on how to do this, but I am just not able to piece together the bits to get it working.


Some of the posts and blogs I have been looking at include:


Fetching an Adding an attachment using Call Web Service action



How to execute a SP2013 REST API request with Nintex Workflow



Thanks in advance 🙂

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