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Copy Document Between Farms

So, I'm trying to use Nintex WF to copy a document from intranet farm to extranet using GetItems and CopyIntoItems.

My first web service calls Copy.asmx on the source and uses GetItem to retrieve stream for document. When I try this using Run Now I get a large result (over 120k characters for a 77kb document), but when the workflow is running it returns 0. If I run the workflow manually and paste the stream information over into the next web service (run now) everything works perfectly. I'm guessing Nintex just can't handle the variable. 

How can I capture this stream information? That was just a template doc, I had another result from a working document where the stream was over a million characters long! 

Is there another solution out there for moving this document? How difficult would it be to write a custom action to do all this (no experience writing custom actions)? Has anyone had success using author.dll and the move method? I can't seem to get that to work, and I'm worried it moves the document and not copy. 

Update: I cracked open Visual Studio on my dev box for the first time in years and deployed the BasicAction. I've also got a good understanding of the C# needed to GetItem and CopyIntoItems. How deep is the rabbit hole I'm staring into? 

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