Complete List depending on filters with Information from List on parent site

Hi all!

I have problem with autmotaically putting Info in a list.


On the Parent Site I have a List as my "Database" with the columns "Role" - "Resp. DE" - "Resp. CR" -...

Under this parent site, there can be multiple project sites that all have a list with the same Column "Role". All elements in this coloumn are identical with the List on the parent site. But: there is only one coloumn "Resp."

The coloumn "Resp." now has to be filled with information from the parent site list depending on the users input. If the choice is for example "DE", i want the workflow to copy all values from "Resp.DE" into that coloumn int the line with the same "Role" as in the parent site. 


The Problem really is to get the Info from parent site as i can not select a list from the parent site in the "update multiple items" action...


Maybe the picture attached can explain in a very simple way what i am trying to achieve...


Any ideas?




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Re: Complete List depending on filters with Information from List on parent site


I think this process can be accomplished when using the Query List-action in Nintex Workflow. Before updating the list on the current site, the values of the parent site must be collected. Using the Query List-action can do that for you. You do have to use a CAML query, but the following URL can point you in the right direction.


After collecting all the necessary information, a For Each with a Create Item (or maybe the Update multiple items) can then be executed to create the multiple items in the list.

Let me know if this helps!

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