Compare field from different sharepoint list

Can anyone please suggest how I compare field from two different list. 


Scenario is like have two list Employee and projects. Each and every employee need to submit project in project list. If any employee who forgot to submit will send reminders to them. 


Employee list contain all the employees 

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Nintex How-To Center Expert
Nintex How-To Center Expert

Re: Compare field from different sharepoint list


Create a workflow on the projects list or even a site workflow.

Query all the Employees in the employee list and store them in a collection variable.

Query all the employees in the Project list.

Use a For Each action to go through the Employees list and extract each employee out one at a time.
In the For Each loop have a Collection Operation action that checks if the Employee exists in the project collection variable.
If yes do nothing. 
If no send an email.


The workflow would look something like this.



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