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Community News - September 11, 2015

Hello Community!

This week I'd like to highlight the monthly mission (easy extra points, folks!), tip you to some informative blog posts, and let you know about a housekeeping issue that could affect your comments on the site.  I also want to remind you we recently launched a great way to learn about Nintex products. Being new myself, I've been spending a fair amount of time there!

September Mission Fun

We're re-naming our September Mission The Emily Billing Memorial Mission -- just for fun!  This is the last mission created by our former community manager, so let's send her out with a solid response!

The mission has it that you're an event planner tasked with organizing a holiday party for your office. Using Forms, you'll obtain suggestions on the theme of the party.  See the mission here: September Mission 2015 - Create a Holiday Party suggestion form with Nintex Forms

Dev Talk:

Dennis Kennedy​ has a new blog post up with news on the Nintex Workflow2013 SDK.  He also clues you in on upcoming updates! Check it out.

Product announcements:

A new Workflow Analyzer update has been released.  Aaron Labiosa tells you how to get the update here.

You'll never miss a product announcement if you sign up for notifications on new product releases.  This post on Customizing your Community Activity Stream will get you news on product release blog posts.

Nintex Learning Center


Have you visited the Nintex Learning Center yet? That's where you can learn how to use Nintex products, get training material and find out how to earn Nintex certifications. See more here The Nintex Learning Center for The Nintex Learning Center details on how to sign up and access the learning center. We'll fill your brain with a lot of good stuff.

Cool Community Content

Unanswered Questions

Below, you'll find some unanswered questions to tackle!  If you've asked one, be sure to mark the correct answers. That helps the rest of the community should a similar question pop up.  Plus, you'll be recognizing the person who helped you out!

Vj Goli​ asks about how to copy attachments from one task list to another.

Inger Spikner​ asks how to modify a column called "title" on a list.

Darrel Richardson​ asks about keeping two groups in sync across different site collections.

Have answers? Earn points for helping out!

Not seeing your comment posted?

Here's a little heads-up: We are beta-testing a spam filter on the site.  It's supposed to flag spam, but in its first few days it's also catching comments that aren't spam. With the help of my fellow Ninsters, we're approving all appropriate content we see caught up in the filter.  But, I wanted the Community to be aware of it in case you don't see your comment/question right away. Please bear with, and know that I'll shut off the beta if it becomes a big problem.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone,

Frank, your Community Manager