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Community News - October 9, 2015

Community News - October 9, 2015

Hello, Everyone!

Headlines: Our Learn More​ space is full of new, useful content in the past week. There's an update to our mission. And there's news about a hangout with Eric Harris​ answering member questions. Read on to find out more, plus see links to unanswered questions at the end...

Mission Update

It's great to see people responding to the  October Mission: "20 Questions" (Or maybe 30)​!  I've tweaked it just a bit, and here's what's new: I'm asking that you send me a note to let me know you marked an answer correct, or if your answer is marked correct. When questions are answered, I'll strike them out and post another question.  Hopefully we wind up with a lot of answers, and you wind up with a lot of points!

Cool Community Content

Eric Harris​ gets nostalgic in his blog post SharePoint 2010 - End of Life​, which miraculously binds Happy Meals® with the end of Microsoft support for SharePoint 2010. Eric doesn't ask "do you want fries with that?" Instead he offers ways to migrate without bringing broken processes with you.  This post is tastier than hot fries.

Chad Austin​ peels back the curtain on workflow history in his blog post Demystifying Workflow History (Part 1)​. With a wave of his magic Support wand, he reveals where it is and how to plan for its future. It's a step-by-step trot, complete with pictures that will put you on the yellow brick road to clarity.  We look forward to Part 2, where Chad promises to provide tips on maintenance and performance.

Pavel Svetleachni​ provides a short, sweet post on purging the Workflow log table.

And Aaron Labiosa​ explains the features of, and a link to download the NTX PowerShell Action - Initial Beta Release​.

Come "Hangout" With Us!

Would you like to get answers from Technology Partner Evangelist Eric Harris? He's offering to answer questions, LIVE in a Google Hangout on Wednesday, October 14. If you'd like to take part, keep your eyes on the Unanswered Questions​ space for more information.

The Nintex Learning Center


Remember that if you want to improve your skills with workflows and forms, or show off your existing skills and impress other people, go get a Nintex Workflow Certificate! The NLC is a free resource with up-to-date, entry level training on using Nintex products to solve common workflow problems.  We also offer free certificate exams to help you prove your workflow creation and administration skills.  For access, just click "register" here: The Nintex Learning Center

Unanswered Questions

Davy Vlassenroot​ wants to @Remove Nintex workflow/form versions in Office365

Corey Keller is having trouble with @Populating task notification body with a build string variable, how to get approval URL working?

Ganesh Prabu is having issues surrounding @Workflow not triggering after list item update

Fernando Hennequin​ wants to know more about @Sending e-mail after updating a list (++)

Henning Eiben needs some help with @Verbose logging not showing data correct

Remember that if someone answers your question to mark the correct answer.  It helps the entire community!

Have a great weekend!


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