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Community News - October 30, 2015

Community News - October 30, 2015

Hello, Everyone!

Headlines:  Product news, bonus points and the mission winds down... Read on for this week's community highlights!

New Product News!

We released enhancements to Nintex Forms and Nintex Mobile products.  Check out the details in our What's New from Nintex?  October 2015 Product Release​.

Cool Community Content

Pavel Svetleachni​ provides a nice summary of how to deal with an error that pops up in Nintex Forms in this blog post: This feature is only available in Nintex Workflow Enterprise Edition - Enterprise Forms issue

Nintex technical writer Pamela Denchfield​ offers up two tutorials that are also in our October product announcement related to Nintex Forms Enterprise Edition. One is about how to Retrieve cities from a database​, and the other is about how to Show live weather data for the selected city​.

Come "Hangout" With Us Next Week!

Our Technology Partner Evangelist Eric Harris is holding another Hangout on Wednesday, November 11th. We have a formal name for them now: "Nintex Hangout Live with Eric Harris." Keep your eyes on the Unanswered Questions space for any updates. But generally, we'll just start broadcasting at 9:30a.m. See you then!

Meanwhile, here's his last one:

Mission Update - New Bonus Points!

20Qs.pngThe October Mission: "20 Questions" (Or maybe 30) ends this weekend.  There's still time to get points!  And remember last week, I added the incentive that anyone who answers five or more of the questions on that list will get 300 bonus points! That's above the 100 points per correct answer.  Please remember to mark correct answers if you posted a question.  I'll post the November Mission on Monday (U.S.).

Unanswered Questions

Dean Virag​ has a Question about using tables in Nintex Forms for O365

Sal Sal is getting HTTP Unauthorized Error on Workflow for external live user.

Henri Saab​ thinks he's found a bug Starting another workflow on the same item by another use - Bug

Jan Hoffman​ wonders @How to get the URL of the PublishingRollupImage ?

Dheepa Iyer wants to know @How to set a value to a peoplepicker field in nintex forms - o 365 ?

If you pose a question, remember to mark the "correct answers" when one happens! Thank you!

The Nintex Learning Center


We offer a free resource to improve your skills with workflows and forms and get a Nintex Workflow Certificate.  The NLC has up-to-date, entry level training on using Nintex products to solve common workflow problems.  For access, just click "register" here: The Nintex Learning Center.

Next week, look for the new mission and a big announcement from Nintex!

Have a great weekend!


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