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Community News - October 23, 2015

Community News - October 23, 2015

Hello, Everyone!

Headlines:  The key word this week is "more." More hangouts, more answers, more Dev Talk and more points. Read on for, well, more!

Come "Hangout" With Us Next Week!

Our Technology Partner Evangelist Eric Harris is holding another Hangout on Wednesday, October 28th and you can watch it live right here. Cameras and mics light up at 9:30a.m. Pacific time. Also keep your eyes on the Unanswered Questions space for more information.

Mission Update - New Bonus Points!

We're nearing the end of the October Mission: "20 Questions" (Or maybe 30)! It's gratifying to see the participation. Just to give an additional incentive, anyone who answers five or more of the questions on that list will get 300 bonus points! That's above the 100 points per correct answer.  Remember, if you answer one correctly, or yours was marked correct, try to send me a note to let me know. I'm striking them out and posting extra questions -- which means more opportunities to see your Community status rise!

Dev Talk

Dennis Kennedy​ has new info in a blog post on Workflow 2013, that covers how to create and manage custom workflow context properties.

Check it out here: Nintex Workflow 2013 SDK Update - Custom Workflow Context Properties

Changes to Connect

Just a reminder that our community platform, Jive, updated last week. And there are some subtle changes to be aware of. Mostly, you'll notice how the Newsfeed has changed. Check out Our New Look: Here's What Has Changed for some tips on how that affects your experience.

The Nintex Learning Center


We offer a free resource to improve your skills with workflows and forms and get a Nintex Workflow Certificate.  The NLC has up-to-date, entry level training on using Nintex products to solve common workflow problems.  For access, just click "register" here: The Nintex Learning Center.

Unanswered Questions

Sari Siekkinen​ asks: Is it possible to det Nintex forms default texts to local language?

Sarah Logan​ wants to know: Can you assign a component of a O365 license to a user?

Darren Jones​ would like to Error Query Excel Services

Concierge Core Services​ is getting an error regarding The database '' has reached its size quota

If you pose a question, remember to mark the "correct answers" when one happens! Thank you!

Next week, we should have a TON of news about our monthly product releases, so stay tuned!

Have a great weekend!


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