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Community News - October 16, 2015

Community News - October 16, 2015

Hello, Everyone!

Headlines:  Our look has changed a bit. We held a Google Hangout. Our monthly Mission is getting answers. And we have some cool community content. Read on!

New Look For News

The platform our community rides on got an update and there are a few changes you may have noticed, mostly to your news feed.  To help you see where everything is, I posted a blog: Our New Look: Here's What Has Changed  The update should help you move more quickly through items in your news and I show you where to change preferences for notifications. Have a peek!

Come "Hangout" With Us!

Our Technology Partner Evangelist Eric Harris held a Google Hangout on Wednesday -- and we're going to do it again!  If you've got a question, be sure to register for the next one, scheduled for October 28th at 9:30am Pacific.  Keep your eyes on the Unanswered Questions space for more information.

Meanwhile, feast your eyes on the last one we did.

Mission Update

It's great to see people responding to the  October Mission: "20 Questions" (Or maybe 30)!  We've had several questions answered!  Remember, if you answer one correctly, or yours was marked correct, try to send me a note to let me know. I'm striking them out and posting extra questions -- which means more points!  100 per correct answer!

Cool Community Content

Donatas Krušna​ created​ a nicely detailed blog post onHow to build responsive HTML5 report with barcode from list item using Nintex Forms and Workflows..

Busy beaver that he has been this week, Donatas also wrote this post on how to Build a Report with Reporting Services (SSRS) from SharePoint list which uses Nintex Form with repea...   Donatas, thanks for the contributions and your help answering questions this week!

The Nintex Learning Center


Remember that if you want to improve your skills with workflows and forms, or show off your existing skills and impress other people, go get a Nintex Workflow Certificate! The NLC is a free resource with up-to-date, entry level training on using Nintex products to solve common workflow problems.  For access, just click "register" here: The Nintex Learning Center

Unanswered Questions

Divya Nair​ wants to know if it's possible to do Approval Workflow only for Pending items

Julien Gares​ needs a hand with this: Nintex Mobile - Getting User profile details

Mark Francome​ is wondering @How to set approval status on a wiki page to approved

Eric Enochs wants to do @Triggers based on calculation

If you posed a question, remember to mark the "correct answers."  Thank you!

Have a great weekend!


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