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Community News - January 15, 2016

Weekly Community News for January 15th, 2016

Hello, Community!

This week has seen more activity on the community. Thank you to everyone answering questions and helping people find solutions!

A reminder to use search

Before diving into the news this week, I wanted to highlight something that is supremely useful on the community, but that might be overlooked by some members: search.

The quickest way to find what you're looking for in the Community is to search. On every page, in the upper-right corner, is a magnifying glass icon. Click that and start typing whatever you're looking for!  Our community platform has "dynamic search," which means you'll start to see links related to your search terms popping up as you are typing! Very cool.

You can also search using the "Search the community" link in the middle of our home page.  I may just try to make that a bigger deal, but until then, I wanted to focus some attention on its existence this week.

Last, we added titles back to the space icons on our landing page.  Hopefully that's more clear for everyone.  I've pointed out these changes in the image below.




There is yet another reason to register now for our InspireX conference in Las Vegas next month (holy cow, it's next month!):  Food.

That's right, if you register by 11:59 PM U.S. Pacific Time on Friday, February 5, 2016, you will be automatically entered in a sweepstakes to win a $200 dining credit at the ARIA Resort & Casino for use during the conference.

Find out more at: New Contest, New Session Info. For InspireX​!

We have also expanded the number of sessions!  There are 42 breakout sessions scheduled to enrich your knowledge of Nitnex products. You can see titles and descriptions of each here:

Some Nintex Connect members will be presenting, there, too! They'll be providing six different pre-conference talks, including one from Virtual Tech Evangelist Caroline Jung, who gives us a preview here: Pre-Conference Session: Learn How to Execute SharePoint 2013 REST API Web requests in Nintex Workflo....

Cool Community Content:

Nintex's very own Aaron Labiosa​ has released the latest version of Workflow Analyzer Version Released !

He offeres it as a way to look for configuration issues with workflows as well as a way to quickly view workflows offline.  Thanks, Aaron!

2015 Community Champion Pierre Fudala​ blogs about how to Use web service to set rules and custom validations​ . He provides an example of how to get external data to made that on the site containing forms.  Take a look.

Henning Eiben​ posts about customizing workflow status here: Show Workflow-Status in Office 365

Unanswered Questions

Each week I post some questions that could use your input.  They might have no replies at all or there may have been a lot of discussion, no solution has been found yet. Maybe yours is the input needed to help a fellow community member!

Sujeet Hotta​ is getting a CSV Data throwing error: Coercion Failed: Unable to transform the input lookup data into the request...

Craig McDermott​ is having IE8 issues​, and could use some input.

Teresa Teresa​ asks How can I link a nintex form contents with Power BI?

Mohammad Mishal​ wants to know How to set state machine to work parallel?

Fatma Ayman​ asks: @I have a SharePoint app that has some lists installed on SharePoint Office 365 that also has Nintex ... 

Thanks for taking the time to answer questions. And remember, if you have asked a questions, be sure to mark the "correct answer." It's helpful for community members who search for solutions.

The Nintex Learning Center


There's always something news in the Nintex Learning Center!

We recently added Nintex Drawloop Document Generation sales and technical training

You'll find additional resources for learning how to use Nintex products, including training material and the ability to earn Nintex certifications.

If you're not signed up visit here: The Nintex Learning Center, to find how.

Have a great weekend!

Frank Field

Your community manager