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Community News - February 5th, 2016

Community News February 5th, 2016

Hello, Community!  We've got a new monthly mission, new blogs and info to keep you informed during InspireX!

First, a tip!


If you post a question in the community, and you get a solution, please select "correct answer," from the response that worked out.

It helps when people search for topics because correct answers show up with a green box and a check mark. Unanswered questions show up as blue boxes with question marks. See examples in the image to the left.

Remember, try the search tool before you post a new question.  There's a chance you'll find someone has already asked one like yours, and the answer is in here somewhere!

Thank you!

February Mission

This month, I was channeling The Who for some reason when I came up with February Mission - Talkin' 'bout Doc G-G-G-Generation...


There are FIVE WAYS to score between 50 and 200 points.  Plus there's a bonus way to score 50 more.

It takes just a little effort. So, hit the link, post a blog in the Nintex Gallery​ about how you use Nintex Drawloop Document Generation, and come March, I'll do anything but just f-f-f-fade away. In fact I'll dig what you all say and award some points.  (Bet ya' have an earworm now!)

The Nintex Learning Center


This is a good time to head over to the Nintex Learning Center to see the latest new training on Nintex Drawloop Document Generation!

There's a series of recordings, demos and exercises to explain how the platform work and how to use it to create automated documents that solve your business problems.

You'll additional resources for learning how to use Nintex products, including training material and the ability to earn Nintex certifications.

Go here The Nintex Learning Center​, for details on how to sign up.

Cool Community Content

Hannah Swain​ drops these two little pearls of wisdom on us this week: Remove claims token with regular expressions and Nintex on Office 365​ and Add button on Nintex task form to edit main item with JavaScript

Henning Eiben​ reminds Workflow veterans of a great feature in this post: Show Workflow-Status in Office 365

Unanswered Questions

This community has been great about hopping on questions quickly this week. Thank you!

Here are a few more questions that could use your input!  If you can share knowledge, please do!

Jörgen Dalhoff​ has been VERY patient, so I thought we'd put his question in this week: Why does "Create List" action only creates empty SharePoint 2010 style lists?

Michael Boggs is having trouble linking to file on LAN (file://)? 

Francois Souyri​ is getting this error: XML "simple" count of Node items returning error

Brent Ellis​ is getting some errors and asks, " Can you call Query User Profile from an app step? "

Have a great weekend, everybody!


Your community manager

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Nintex Newbie

Re: Community News - February 5th, 2016

I need some help how to set a status to a deleted question, I asked a few month ago. I'm missing it in my profile as well as the collected "Points" !

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Re: Community News - February 5th, 2016

Hi, Jörgen Dalhoff​, I send you a direct message about your content, so please check your in box. Thanks!


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