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Community News - August 21, 2017

Community News - August 21, 2017

Product News

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Our August product releases are rolling out!  The latest is for Nintex Forms for Office 365. It includes responsive forms! Now when you create a new form, you'll be asked to select either classic or responsive.  Find out about that and the updates to Nintex Workflow Cloud and Nintex Mobile Apps: What's New from Nintex! August 2017

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It's baa-aaaak! Nintex Hangout

Don't look now, but the Nintex Hangout‌ is back, and has a new format! You don't have to make an appointment to see it, just visit the Nintex Hangout space and check out the videos by Nintex Technology Partner Evanglist Eric Harris‌! Here's a new featured video:

Video Link : 1402

And don't forget to subscribe to his channel!