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Community News - April 18th, 2016

Community News - April 18th, 2016

Hello, everyone! Ahead this week is a small product update. so watch for that announcement in your news feed.  Below we have links to the latest posts in the Training​ space, the second of this month's Nintex Hangout - Live! with Eric Harris takes place Wednesday. And I'll direct you to a few unanswered questions that could help you earn that April Answer Shower mission badge.

Workflow Can Improve Your Sales Process!


The first in a series of articles on business process improvement have hit our corporate website. You can read a summary here: Business Process Improvement Masterclass: Sales​  The article has a link to the full text. Future topics will cover HR and sales automation!

Are You Watching Our Jeopardy Game?


The Training​ space is hopping again this week, with the wrap-up of social media actions explained in a Jeopardy! game. The latest installment is Jeopardy Ep 4: WordPress Actions​.  And you can keep up with what's ahead in the space on it's Activity page.

Hangout with us!


The last April hangout is scheduled for April 20th!  There should be some product updates to discuss by then. Plus Eric will probably share progress on the future exchange work he's doing! It's the first and third Wednesday of each month - find out more in the Nintex Hangout​ space!

Cool Community Content

This week, I'll send you to the entire list of blog posts in the Getting Started​ space, filtered by date created. Here's a tiled view.  And HERE is a list of blogs in the Nintex For Office 365​ space, too.  Sure, you can sort it yourself, but I bet this is a view most community members don't see.  Not a lot of new posts in the past week, but if you have an idea, feel free to visit the appropriate space and post your blog!

The Nintex Learning Center


Have you been to the Nintex Learning Center lately?  We posted the sessions from the InspireX conference there. No passwords required, just register and log in and catch up on all the sessions you missed (or review the ones you attended).  You'll also find additional resources for learning how to use Nintex products, including training material and the ability to earn Nintex certifications. See more here The Nintex Learning Center​, for details on how to sign up and access the learning center.

Are you a Nintex Partner?


We're going to Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference! Are you?

We'll have a booth, but also a jumpstart workshop, a WPC session, our own Partner Appreciation Party, and we'll announce our own Nintex Partner Awards.

If you're going, add our events to your calendar easily! Visit our WPC page at!

Unanswered Quetsions

Each week, we try to point out some unanswered questions, which gives you a chance to help your fellow community member, plus earn some karma points AND some community points!

Martin Gardner​ has a question about Drawloop: How can I merge an image for each row of a data set into my ddp?

Eric Ashton​ wants to use Nintex Drawloop Document Generation as part of a process to thank recent gala attendees. His question is about New User DDP Creation

Stephan Onisick​ has a seemingly-straightforward question: Where can I find the rest of my workflow error message? Anybody know?

Shreedhar HV​ needs a workaround for a problem. Got one? Copy attachments with few column values

Remember, if you provide a solution that is marked correct three times during the month of April, you'll complete the April Mission - Make it rain...answers! (And get a limited-time badge!)!

Have a great week, everyone!


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