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Checkbox array has extra elements when editing item


I am using Nintex Forms for SharePoint 2010. I have a Choice column in SharePoint using checkboxes and calculated value in the Nintex Form to show the value of the checkboxes selected. when I create a new item the calculated value is showing the correct value for the selected checkboxes (ex: [Choice 1]). However, when I go back to edit the item there is an empty array element on either side of the choice I selected (ex: [,Choice 1,]). Looking at the length of the array in edit mode shows that the length is 3 when only one item is select. If I selected another option the array fixes itself.

New Item:

Edit Item:

If I use a Nintex Choice control which is not connected to a SharePoint Choice column then this bug does not occur.

Any ideas why this is happening?

Thank you,

Clint Walsh

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Re: Checkbox array has extra elements when editing item

- how does it look like when you create an item with no choice selected and with more then one choices selected?

- what can you see in VIEW form right after you create item (before any edit)? (set calc value control to recalculate in view mode)

- I assume that formula that shows selected values contains just reference to named control, but just to be sure, could you post its screenshot?

- could you try to setup simple workflow and write value of the list field (Item property) to log. what does it appear there?

- after you edit selection (you said now array gets fixed), then save to list and then once again open in EDIT. do you see correct value or there are again empty elements at the beginning and at the end?

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