Changing LazyApproval Name

We have a number of SharePoint workflows enabled for LazyApproval, where users approve tasks by replying to the email notifications they receive. The problem is that this shows in the "All Approver Comments" log in the format

(User Name) LazyApproval by user.name@domain.com Approved
<remainder of email>

and understandably many of them do not appreciate the implications of the phrase LazyApproval.


Is there any way to change the title "LazyApproval" to something less pejorative, like "EmailApproval" or "RemoteApproval"? These workflows are frequently used at the GM and Exec level so the current situation is really not optimal.

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Re: Changing LazyApproval Name

You can write the approver comments to a text variable and pick just the text you need with some string manipulation. Regular Expression for example. Then create your own log or email with just the name who approved and the outcome...

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