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Change currency value from repeating section directly in Query XML


first of all the specifications of my solution:

  • working with SharePoint/Nintex onPremise
  • site template is in english, but should also work with other language/currency-settings. Most of the time € will be used, but as the site template is in english the currency will be shown with a "." instead of a "," (10.26 instead of 10,26)

Current solution:

User can fill out an investment form. In this form inside a repeating section  the user has to specify the unit price and the number of items, what is then multiplied to the total price. The content of the repeating section is saved to a multiple-lines-text field in SharePoint. Inside a Nintex workflow I use a Query-XML-Action to put every component of an investment to an own collection, this is:

  • name of the component
  • unit price (for instance 10,26€)
  • quantity (10)
  • total price (102,60€)

And here comes the problem: Inside the collection for unit price the price is saved as "10.26" since the site template is in englisch. Later in the workflow I use an for-each-action to read-out the values and I get back "1026".

Is there a possibility with which I can resolve this directly in the Query-XML-action so that it will save it as "10,26" (regardless of the site template)?

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