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Capturing Document Updates from a running Workflow


I've a scenario where I use a Nintex-2010 workflow on a Document Library, that goes through a Flexi-task process whenever a document is added or updated.

Scenario: Consider that the Workflow has already started on a document and is awaiting completion of approval. In the meantime, if any user updates the document the workflow-instance is never disturbed.

Requirement: I want the workflow to capture any document updates when it is already in-progress, and stop the current instance.

I feel this can be achieved through parallel actions with pause, and stuff..??!! But not exactly...Any help in this regard would be appreciated..!!!



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Re: Capturing Document Updates from a running Workflow

Just so I can understand your scenario well, what changes are you trying to bring into the existing-running workflow if a document is updated by a user?

If the following happens:

1. User Uploads a document

2. Approval workflow begins, task created

2b. User does not complete task yet

3. User changes and updates document

4. We are here

So at this point, what does the approver need to know about the recent changes? If they have not approved the document yet, then go to review it, they will have the most recent version and be able to approve accordingly. What is the advantage to restarting the workflow?

A note about the Terminate Workflow action. You could use it in the workflow that starts on modified and the option All except current workflow which will terminate all other workflows except the current. Have this as the first action in the workflow to stop all other approval processes and the new instance to be the current.

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Re: Capturing Document Updates from a running Workflow

Your explanation makes sense. But this is a requirement from our business-users, that the workflow should stop and notify the approvers suitably, whenever any document gets updated when approval task-process is in-progress.

Such a scenario could be captured in SharePoint Designer workflow (Approval task process). I just wanted to know if there is a similar mechanism in Nintex workflows.

Note: I'm supposed to achieve this using a single workflow, so Terminate workflow action is not an option.