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Can Sharepoint Register When an [Item URL] has been Clicked?

Hello all,

I have for a good month been trying to create a Nitnex workflow that sends tasks out to the everyone in the company(5000+ people).  AS you can probably tell I am not having any luck with achieving my goal. It seems as though I can only send out about 53 tasks at a time. I have  tried multiple nintex actions( state machine, Run parallel, etc.) It just cant send to that many people at once. I even tried creating this task on SPD, just to see if Nintex was the problem but it appears as though they both cannot do what I need.

The reason I need this task to send to everyone is because I need to make sure that everyone reads the most up-to-date documents. Now... here is what I am thinking.... Instead of sending out 5000+ tasks out at one time... I would like to create this workflow so that a task is only sent when the document(Item URL) is clicked. That way nintex is only sending out a task here, and there until everyone has read the document.  The key to this method is making it so I have a webpart displaying only the top 10 most up-to-date documents, and then have the execs enforce everyone to read the documents in this webpart.  That way we know everyone will read them then we can acquire the neeed information via the workflow.

Here is the problem... Can nintex kick off a workflow if the [Item URL] or [Title] is clicked? If it cant then this whole idea is CRAP!!



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Re: Can Sharepoint Register When an [Item URL] has been Clicked?

If you are creating your custom web part you could do the following:

Create a button/link that when it is clicked , it makes 2 things:

     1)Opens the document

     2)Creates an item on a auxiliary Sharepoint list with 2 columns



Then create a workflow on the auxiliary Sharepoint list, that will be started on every item creation.