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Calendar synch with Outlook but columns / info missing...


I have created a calendar on SharePoint 2016 (on premise) and also created custom form using Nintex:

- Reference

- Name

- Date

- Created by


Now, the workflow also uses "create appointment action" to add the event to the user's calendar in Outlook.
However, there is an option to synchronise the SharePoint calendar with your Outlook .. but then the synched calendar shows the Reference number instead of the Name ...

Also, with a synched calendar, you can update the event vise versa. he problem is that when creating a new event via the synched calendar and when I go back to the calendar on SharePoint then I notice that there are certain information missing from the event which are visible when creating the event via the calendar on SharePoint.

See the image attached, to explain what I mean.

I assume there is no way to have it both ways the same???

If not then what is the purpose of having the option to update vise-versa ?!

HINT: the VAR***** is an automated generated reference number and the KOB is the location by default.

Question is, why does it take them two fields to show and not something else I want..?!

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