Calculated Value on form concatenates instead of adds

I'm trying to add several fields being entered into a form.  I'm entering "10" into the fields to test.  If I enter 10 into 2 of the field and leave the other blank (" " not "0") sometimes I get "1010" instead of 20.  And even that depends on what field it is I leave blank.  Is this normal?  Do fields need to be "0" to not cause a CV to error?


I'm doing this in Nintex forms for Office 365 if that matters.

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Re: Calculated Value on form concatenates instead of adds

Hi, I know this is an old post, but I have a college running into a similar issue with an on prem version of Nintex forms and this is the only entry I have found that is as on point to the issue.  They have a few calculated fields that appear to set to sum in the formula are concatinating.  Can you tell me if the "0" vs " " (blank) theory panned out or if there was a different solution you found/remember?





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