Building a WF

The knowledgebase is not helpful (could just be me) and Nintex University only has 2 modules for SP on prem 2016, also unhelpful. I'm building a new WF against a list.  Need the WF to 1. when a user clicks a certain promoted tile, check the list to see if current user has an item entered already, 'accept'. If field is empty/null, then display Nintex form already created with 1 required field 'accept' or 'cancel' at the bottom. 2. Store the choice 'accept' in the list field.  3. If the field is null, the user views the form and selects 'accept' then the form needs to close and redirect the user to a document library. 4. If the user  selects 'cancel', the form closes, no redirection. 5. Next time/after user has selected 'accept' the user clicks the promoted tile, the user can proceed directly to doclib (by passing the form). 

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