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Build string for Alert URL


Each time a user create's a new discussion I would like there to be a column which says " alert me " then they could click on a hyperlink directly to the alerts set up page for each discussion on the list.


I have found the URL properties and am close to completing it but have hit a small speedbump.


The URL is not returning as a full URL from the build string action ( see screenshot ) some of the string is coming back as normal text, the Alerts column is a hyperlink column.


is there a way to wrap the URL somehow so it is seen as a full URL in the list column.


This is the string I am building each time a new item is created in the discussion. I have highlighted in bold where the string is returning in normal text


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Re: Build string for Alert URL

HI Jamie,


I have successfully written a URL and to a hyperlink column by using the following format. It's important to use the URL,(SPACE)Name format for it to work successfully. An example is shown below in an update items activity. There must be a space after the comma for it to work in my experience.


So if you were to use the output of your build string as the URL and give it a name like Make Alert in theory it should work well


Hope this helps



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