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Build dynamic option values for Nintex choice control

I am using Nintex classic form on SharePoint 2013 list.

Form has following fields in sequence which queries data from master list

1. Region: list lookup to master list

2. Country: list lookup to another master list where mapping between country and Region is available

3. Business unit: another independent master list

=====this is the one with issue====

I have a separate master list where mapping of mapping of region / country / Business unit / LeaseId is present.

4. LeaseID: How do i filter only those LeaseIds based on top 3 fields. Basically its a multicolumn filter.


I am trying to bind filtered LeaseIDs using javascript with no success..

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Re: Build dynamic option values for Nintex choice control

@rajkamal1 try the below approach:


  1. In SharePoint create a calculated column and create a formula e.g. [Region]_[Country]_[BU]
  2. Also in Nintex form, add a calculated control and calculate the formula in all 3 modes and using name control of Region, Country and BU create the same text as in step # 1
  3. Now in your Lease ID lookup control apply the filter of step # 2 to get the items that are qualified
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