Break out of a workflow loop while a pause is underway?

I am using Nintex 2013 workflow with SharePoint 2013 on premise.  Reference the attached workflow:

  • An employee submits a request for payment. A review and response is expected in less than 1 day.
  • “Set a Condition” is used to determine if the reply is overdue to the requestor.
  • If the reply is overdue, a notification is sent to the reviewer and the requestor.
  • Then a 1 day pause is kicked off and the cycle continues every day until the request is approved or rejected.
  • If the reviewer approves or rejects the request for payment before the 1 day pause is complete, notification that a decision was made won’t be known until the 1 day pause is complete. Worst case, there would be almost a one day delay in the requestor knowing the payment request had been approved or rejected.
  • Is there a way to break out of this loop if the request is approved or rejected while the pause is still underway?

Thanks for any help you can provide.


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Re: Break out of a workflow loop while a pause is underway?

are there any specific reasons why you decided for this kind of design?


are you aware of nintex provides several task actions? eg. Assign  Flexi task one?


with task action you do not need to do any custom looping nor pausing.

when you assign a task to somebody, workflow stops at the action and waits until the task is responded in a defined manner. once the task is responded, the workflow immediatelly continues.

within the action you can configure regular notifications, or even escalation as well.

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