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The OOB SharePoint Enterprise only allows a summary email notification to be set-up for me on a Blog subsite.  If I wanted other users to get summary notifications I would have to force them to click on "Alerts".  Thus, I want to send out a summary email using Nintex.  I am familiar with Nintex Looping on a list and all that good stuff, but I was hoping to recreate the email noticiation as close as I could to the oob alert notification.

I was hoping someone could send me to a link where this approach has laready been done and I can review the methodology.

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Re: Blog Post Summary Notification


This is a very specific use case. An approach may be to use a site collection workflow that queries the blog site/list and collects them. 

For formatting the email notification to resemble out of the box, I would honestly say - don't do it!!!!!! LOL. A lot of times, things just don't turn out the same and I don't want you trying to recreate what is already there. If the user wants alerts, they can sign up accordingly. If you want to do them a favor and send summary updates, then keep it simple and ensure they will use it before you potentially overengineer it and it's not used.

Just my thoughts and I know this isn't a solution but hopefully, saves you some trouble.