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Batch upload files, set fields, move to different folders

Hi guys. I'm very new to Nintex Workflow and am just trying to establish whether what I want to do is feasible.


At work we use sharepoint to archive a variety of documents for different customers (organised into folders by licence number). Customers/licence numbers are then nested under different geographical regions. We frequently need to batch upload thousands of PDFs of letters etc. sent to different customers/licence numbers, filling metadata fields differently for each customer. I'd like to automate this very time consuming and tedious process.


The organisation doesn't have Nintex external platform, which I believe is required to upload files directly from a local machine. So my thinking was to create a dropbox in the sharepoint library where we could upload the PDFs in bulk. Each named with an ID associated with its unique metadata contained in a table (I believe it would need to be XML?). I then want to use Nintex to fetch and set metadata field values using that ID for each file, then move each file to the correct folder according to licence number.


Any insights would be much appreciated!

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