Autopopulate based on another field

I have a multi select field on a Nintex form, and when a user selects a given option, I want to populate a different field with a new option.


Ex: user selects Option1 in multiselect field, then I want new field to populate with Bucket1. If selects Option2, then Bucket2 would populate in new field. 


I've read about control settings and rules, but I need a very very basic step-by-step of how to get this to work (screenshots also v helpful!). Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Re: Autopopulate based on another field

You can accomplish this with rules in the form.

In my example here, I created a responsive form with a multiple-selection choice control named "Options" with two choices: Option 1 and Option 2.  I also added two single line textbox controls named Bucket1 and Bucket2. When you select "Option 1", then the Bucket1 field value is set to "Bucket1". When you deselect "Option 1", then the Bucket1 field is cleared.  Same two behaviors for Bucket2.

Follow these steps to accomplish this (images below):

  1. Select the Bucket1 control and add a rule to it.
  2. Configure a rule with the following settings:
    1. Rule name = Set Bucket1
    2. When = contains(Options, "Option 1")
    3. Value = "Bucket1"
  3. Next add another rule to the Bucket1 control and configure it with these settings:
    1. Rule name = Set Bucket1 to Empty
    2. When = not(contains(Options, "Option 1"))
    3. Value = " "
  4. Create these same two rules on the Bucket2 control but substitute settings in them with Bucket2 and Option 2.






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