Automate panel assignment request

Hi There,


What we have?

1. A Sharepoint list consists of Column A,B,C,D,E

2. A Sharepoint list (Panel Listing) consists of 50 panel of work's company name


What happen?

I need to build an automatic panel of work assignment when someone raised a request. Kindly refer to the example below


1. Department A will raise a request through sharepoint by inputting column A, column B, column C & column D. 

2. The request will route for approval. 

3. If approved, one of the panel listed in the "Panel Listing" will be selected by random or sequence and the selection result will be included in both notification to initiator and also column E. 

4. If rejected, only notification will send to initiator without the Panel Assignment detail. 


I'm new to Nintex and hope to get some help over this. 



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Re: Automate panel assignment request

@freddie3399 can use flexi task which has outcomes in branches (this means what should happen if the flexi task gets approved or reject or if you have more outcomes e.g. RMI). 


You can use send notification action in workflow to notify workflow initiator or Created By/Modified By (I'll prefer to use later option). 


Now when task gets approved, your workflow can set some values or you can build your logic to select panel listing thing.  

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