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Auto-populate Form Field based on multiple other Form Fields



My need is for Nintex form to dynamically populate the correct Coder and Approver based on matching to 3 columns in SharePoint list.


Nintex Form with:

  • 2 cascading (List Lookup) drop downs ("Location" & "Department")
  • Single Line of Text field ("Invoice Amount")
  • 2 People Pickers ("Coder" & "Approver")


Need to dynamically populate the Coder & Approver fields when drop downs are selected (changed) by comparing the values selected for "Location", "Department", and the amount entered in "Invoice Amount".

SharePoint list "Approver Detail" with columns:

  • Location, Department, Amount, Email (only including authenticated users)


Would greatly appreciate any help and sincerely hope to stay OOB but willing to use JavaScript if necessary.  Thank you!

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Re: Auto-populate Form Field based on multiple other Form Fields

If you have a coder and approver for above and below a dollar threshold(meaning two coders and two approvers for each location/department) It seems like you may want to do the amount first. After choosing an amount, you then display two of four lookup controls. If it's below the threshold, you show the controls that pull in the lower two people. If it's above, pull the upper. Unless the dollar threshold changes per location/department.

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