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Assign Task from Repeating Section

Hello everyone,

I have a repeating section (titled: "Task Notify") in my Nintex New Responsive form, connected to a Multiple Line of text Column (Plain Text) in SharePoint List.
The Repeating Section has filed, 
1) What (Text -Long) ? - The user enters the task details.

2) Who (People Picker) ? - To assign the responsible person to complete the Task mentioned in "What?"
3) When? (Date) - Date field for the due date of the task.
4) Status (Choice - Single) - To select the task status depending upon wheter it is completed or not. 

How should I notify the responsible people ("Who?") regarding their tasks?

I have used Query XML in the Nintex workflow to extract the email address, but the output of Query XML is ["-1;#i:0#.f|membership|akasar01@xyz.com","-1;#i:0#.f|membership|ambapp01@xyz.com"]

How do i get only the email address and use further in them in the workflow. 

Can you please help me building this workflow?

Looking forward for your support and many thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

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Re: Assign Task from Repeating Section


Have you tried to put that value into a person type variable?


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Re: Assign Task from Repeating Section

The way i would go about doing this is query the repeating section and create a loop that will create an index that corresponds to each approver in the repeating section store it in a workflow variable and another loop with a flexi task that will assign each individual in the collection variable a task and loop continues until no more task assignees are there

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