Are there any Nintex Workflow for O365 users interested in helping out the Nintex User Experience (UX) Team?

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I’m Ryan Percival, and I work for Nintex as a User Experience (UX) Designer, in Melbourne Australia. We’re looking to recruit Nintex Workflow for Office 365 users who would like to help us improve our products by being involved in some user testing.


So here’s what we’re looking for:

  • A new or experienced Nintex Workflow for O365 user who can create and configure a workflow
  • You must be comfortable signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with Nintex
  • You’re comfortable with the session being recorded. This is only for use by the Nintex UX team. We won’t publicly distribute anything you share, and your identity will remain anonymous
  • You are available for an hour sometime between the 20th - 31st October 2014


We expect the session to take one of two forms depending upon your location and available times: 

  1. If you’re local to Melbourne, Australia and are available, we would like to come to you and run a session. This would involve a couple members of the UX team spending an hour with you as you create workflows. This session would also be recorded.
  2. If you’re located outside Melbourne, Australia, we would set up a time for a live teleconference session as you create workflows.


If you cannot do either option but are still interested in helping us out, then send us an email anyway as we would love to see if there are any other ways that you could help.


If you’re interested, or for more information on this project please contact us on:






Ryan Percival

The Nintex UX Team

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Re: Are there any Nintex Workflow for O365 users interested in helping out the Nintex User Experience (UX) Team?

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Hello - do we need to have a O365 account?  If NOT, I would be interested.  I am a SharePoint Developer so pretty technical in nature.  I have experience with Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms on our 2010 environment and really like your products!  As I eluded to, I currently I do not have access to a O365 account.  I am fine with the NDA and could make time for a hour live teleconference.  If I meet your criteria I would enjoy participating! 

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Re: Are there any Nintex Workflow for O365 users interested in helping out the Nintex User Experience (UX) Team?

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Hi Guys,

Wow what a fantastic response. We've been blown away by the your replies to our request. I've been out of the office so it took a bit for me to catch up and for that I apologise. I really wanted to do a personal reply to everybody's emails but there are just too many to make that feasible. So instead I'll answer most of the common questions here and send an email out to all of you who emailed us with the next steps.

If you have emailed us, you should receive an email from us with the Subject line of "Nintex User Experience Testing - Next Steps"

*If you emailed us and don't get a reply from me within the next 24 hours then please email me again to let me know or post a reply here*

It'll probably be because I transcribed your email incorrectly.

The email will contain the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for you to sign. Please print it (if you agree to the contents), sign it, scan it and email the signed scan back to as. There is also an option to opt out at this point if you like.

We apologise that it's all a bit formal at this  point, we just need to get that done before we can do much else. After that we'll start getting peoples timezones, availability and start scheduling session times with people.

Now to answer the 2 most common questions:

Do I need to be familiar with Nintex Workflow for Office 365?

Short answer: Not specifically but you need to be able to construct a workflow in one of the Nintex WF products.

Long answer: We need you to be familiar with constructing workflows using Nintex Workflow. As long as you feel comfortable constructing a working workflow you should be fine. We'll be getting you to create a workflow in the O365 version but that is similar enough to the other versions that you should find it easy enough to adapt.

We are interested in both novice and expert users but if you have no experience constructing a workflow at all then we will not be able to use your input this round, but there will be possible future rounds where your lack of experience will be an asset to us.

Do I need to have my own Office 365 environment with Nintex Workflow for O365 installed?

Short Answer: No. We will use a test environment set up of ours.

Long Answer: If we are doing a face to face interview, or conducting the session in real time via a teleconference then we'll use a test environment that we have set up. So you wont need to have access to your own Office 365 environment. However, if we can't do a face to face or teleconference session then we'd like to have you record yourself doing a workflow and that would need to be done on your own environment. Also if we have time during the session, and you are able and comfortable to we'd like you to show us some of the work you've done in Nintex Workflow for Office 365.

That's it for now. Once again thank you for the wonderful response.

Feel free to email us on UserGroup@nintex.com if you have any other questions or concerns.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


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