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Approve a custom nintex workflow task programmatically C# (impersonating approver)

I am trying to approve a nintex task using C#. I am unfortunately unable to do it.

I tried with a SharePoint REST API to approve a task. The task gets successfully approved but there is a column named outcome that doesn't get updated and that is the column used by nintex form in order to perform the approval. When i check the list settings there exists no such column. I wrote an utility to read all the columns belonging to a list and failed to get any such column.

[This] explains that the value to set outstanding tasks to is to use 'Approved' or 'Rejected' for approval tasks, and 'Continue' for other task types.explains that Then I did a bit more research on that to found that there exist a nintex api.

I then, found that approval can be performed using [nintex API]
This API works well if we execute using the current approver credentials only.

Unfortunately, I need to execute the code using a service account due to design constraints. Now if I try to trigger the API then I always get an error as invalid user.

Is there any other way we can approve/reject a nintex workflow task ?

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