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Approve Workflow Task from InfoPath in SP2013

Hello guys,

In an effort to avoid anonymous nintex web service calls, I added credentials of the task approver in the "<udc:UseExplicit CredentialType='NTLM'>" tag of "FlexiTaskResponse2.udcx" Data Connection file but when I click the Approve button from the InfoPath form I get "401 Unauthorized" error. If I use the older "FlexiTaskResponse.udcx" data connection file, no error is thrown in the logs nor on the form itself, but the response from "ProcessFlexiTaskResponse" method of nintex web service is "false" instead of "true". I read somewhere in another post that "ProcessFlexiTaskResponse3" should be used but perhaps due to outdated nintex version installed in my clients machine this method is not available.

Is their no other way to pass user credentials to nintex web service from within InfoPath ?

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