Approve 2 outcomes with 1 approval task

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I am trying to have two (approve/reject) check boxes on one approval task.


I have tried a flexi task with 2 approve and 2 reject boxes but it doesn't allow multiple selections. eg I can't select both approves or 1 approve and 1 reject.


This particular approval request would be going to the same person, but they they need the option to approve 2 different choices. I do not want to have them open 2 approval tasks to complete this.

Anyway have any idea's?


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Re: Approve 2 outcomes with 1 approval task

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You can do this with multiple outcomes in the same flexi task. But it depends on the possible out comes such as, does the approver have the ability to approve one or both items, or, first AND second item together. If it is both items together is the only acceptable outcome, then you can have just 2 outcomes.

So your outcomes sound like

  • Approve items 1 & 2
  • Reject items 1 & 2

But if you can do either or, then you will have to have 6 or more outcomes with every possible outcome.

Otherwise, you can use form data with adding radio buttons to the form. Then connect the radio choice buttons to a variable and use this variable with conditions to check on the result and decide what to do from there.

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