Forms Fledgling

After button click "Save and submit" dialog does not close. No redirect and confirmation message.

When I open the newForm.aspx with from another Nintex form the new dialog window (newform.aspx) does not close more after saving and submitting. Also a redirect is not more possible with the URL Redirect setting in settings-form-advanced. Instead of there happens a redirect to the newform.aspx.

After that I have to close the window with the x button on the right upper corner. 😞

When I create a new item in  the standard way then the form is closed after saving and submitting.  Any help is greatly appreciated...

Javascript command to open a new form from another form:'Website-URL/Lists/PosNr/NewForm.aspx?Source=Website-URL/Lists/PosNr/AllItems.aspx&RootFolder=&isDlg=1','_blank', 'width = 920, height=1100, top=0, left=0')

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