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Add options to Choice Column Type through Workflow

List 1 is a membership roster that has a column full of names (connected to AD accounts). List 2 is an attendance tracker. The user should be able create a new item on the list that includes a field for the event name, the event date, and a column for the attendees. The Attendees column should be a checkbox choice column that includes all of the names from the membership roster list, so that the user can check off the attendees for that particular event. 

When an item is added to the roster list, I know i'll have to convert the name field into a simple string and save it back to the item in a new column. Then I can use that column to populate the choices in the other list. 

What would be the best method to do this? Should i create a site workflow that parses the roster list and stores al the string user names into a variable and then try to set the Attendees choice column equal to that variable?

I'm lost! Any suggestions would be great!

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