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Is it possible to check if an item has been modified since pausing for duration of time?

Our goal is to have user fill out a form that generates a due date, and then have a workflow that processes a reminder for x amount of days after the due date. However, the issue is if we pause the workflow for a duration, we want the workflow to check if the item has been modified - if yes loop back to the first process - If no send an email.

We have looked around the forums, and it seems like the closest example was this forum,  Modified due date

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Re: Action Item based on Modified Date

Instead of pausing and waiting why don't you use a site workflow to query your list for all items where:

due date <= today <= x amount of days after due date and inside the site workflow send the email.

this would check every day, so if an amendment were made to the item's due date, the workflow wouldn't pick it up anymore.

have you used a site workflow before?


Re: Action Item based on Modified Date


You can schedule a reminder workflow when you create an item which start running after an x day which can be configured.

And can do the necessary checks.

Hope it helps.

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Re: Action Item based on Modified Date

Hi, Concierge Core Services​, let us know how this advice works out, and select a "correct answer," if you can. It's helpful for others in the community.


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