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Access Denied when trying to edit the properties of a document when user has full control.

I have a Library which has a Nintex form collect and Validate the properties required.


Once a document is uploaded and properties entered, a workflow runs to change the permissions on  the item.  The workflow sets permissions so that the owners group has full control and uses information collected in the form to determine what other groups have access - i.e. in the form the location of the item is entered and if location A is selected then a permission group for location A is added.  This all appears to be working.


I have a user who is in the Owners group, which has full Control on the Site/List AND after the workflow has run still has full control on the line item.  (When she clicks on the ellipsis it shows that the document is shared with her.)  When she clicks on Edit it says access denied.


The Owners group is a standard "out of the box" owners group - No changes have been made to the permission levels.  Is it that she no longer has access to the edit form ?  I don't know how to check that.  But she had access to the form when she created the item ?  So I am confused.


Any help would be gratefully received.

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