Access Denied for List Item Attachments

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Hey guys,


I've set up quite a huge approval workflow which runs just fine.

One of the last steps of the workflow is to restrict the item permissions to read for a small group of people. (screenshot attached)


Read permissions are set correctly and the group of users can access the relevant list items.

But unfortunately they are not allowed to open the attachments of the list items (access denied).


I played around with the "set item permissions"-action but couldn't get it to work. The only way to make the attachments accessible is to grant full control to the list item.


Is it not possible to grand read permissions to a list item + list item attachments? Or should it work and my workflow is broken at some point?


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Re: Access Denied for List Item Attachments

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Hi @DominikS 

I just tried without Nintex with an account that only has read permissions and faced the same issue : the user can access the item but has an access denied on the attachment.
This is by design by Microsoft and not Nintex fault, but I agree this is stupid from Microsoft.

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