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Nintex Newbie

sum formulas in Word

Each year, the title of one of our events changes (ie 64th, 65th, 66th, etc.).  I am trying to put a sum formula into word that takes the Calendar (also fiscal) year and subtracts 1954, (the first year of the event) to give me an output of 65th Annual Event Name.  Here is an example of the formula I am using in the word formula tool:  =SUM("<<Event_Fiscal_Year>>",-1954).  I am not getting any errors, but I am not getting any output either.  Am I coming at this wrong?  Assistance is welcome.


Thank you,

Karen Himes

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Nintex Newbie

Re: sum formulas in Word

Hi Karen,


You shouldn't need to use the sum formula, you can just use a calculation in the conditional text(  It would look like the following:

  • {=<<Event_Fiscal_Year>>-1954}



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