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Variable Date-Field in Drawloop Word Doc

How do I create a date field in a word document that is calculated based off of an esign signature field, using Drawloop?

Basically the functionality needs to be, the day the Subscription Starts will be the day the customer signs via eSign, and then the Subscription End-Date will be calculated using the Subscription Start Date field and then another field(something called Plan Duration), which will be populated with the number of Months the plan will last.

Any suggestion on how to approach this?

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Re: Variable Date-Field in Drawloop Word Doc

Hey Zach,

To be clear the Subscription Start and End dates are not fields inside of Salesforce? You would like the Start date to be the day the customer signs via E-Signature and the End Date to be the Start Date + Plan Duration?

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Re: Variable Date-Field in Drawloop Word Doc


Are you storing the document back into Salesforce once its signed? 

If you are, you can capture the date its signed and store that back onto the record in Salesforce, then have a calculation that updates the Subscription end date based on that field * Plan Duration = Subscription end date. Of course you will need to do some manipulation against the plan duration to convert it from say months or years into a date format, but thats a simple google to convert that within the calculation.

Hope that helps.

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