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Nintex Newbie

Populating Secure PDFs

Hi Everyone,

I am at a loss here so Im hoping you all can help. I get the error below when we try and populate a PDF form that we retrieved from TD Ameritrade's website. The pdf isn't password protected but looks like its protected in some other way and may require authentication in order for us to populate it using DrawLoop. We're able to type info into the form but just not through DrawLoop. Here's what we have gathered from these custodians (TD, Schwab, etc) regarding their PDFs. Has anyone ran into this issue? Any help is appreciated, thanks ahead of time!


"Yes, TD, Schwab & Fidelity will accept ‘diy’ DocuSign.  There are specific signer authentication requirements for each one but they will all 3 accept our DocuSign.  TDA requires KBA authentication, Schwab requires a custom json template and SMS authentication.  Fidelity’s DocuSign requirements are attached for reference."    


DocGen Error.png

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Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Re: Populating Secure PDFs



Currently we are not able to edit protected PDF's, if you would like to suggest this feature you can do so on the uservoice(

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