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Parse Salesforce Contract field with Json data


I'm having a specific use-case/requirement
regarding pdf generation in Salesforce. This requirement is essential in
our search for the right document generation partner. I hope the nintex community might help and would be able to give some information/insights on this particular requirement.

Straight to the point, the requirement:

• We have a text field on the Salesforce Contract object in containing JSON
data (from an integration). This JSON data has a certain structure (non-linear) and can, in some cases, have more (or less) key-value pairs in it.
• When generating a pdf based on the Contract data, we would like to transform
the JSON and show it as a table inside the PDF. As already said, the JSON
is “dynamic” and, as such, the table in the generated pdf should be able to
show/hide columns/rows dynamically.

Is this a feature that Nintext DocGen (for Salesforce) is able to provide out of the box? Is there
any need for customisations to achieve this? If so, which ones? 


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Nintex Newbie

Re: Parse Salesforce Contract field with Json data

Hi Glennc,


Just noticed this question. Possibly coming too late for your evaluation.


We have previously delivered this kind of functionality by taking that JSON and rendering it using Visualforce and then inserting it into the document. This can all be achieved as part of the normal DocGen package, the only customization required would be the VF page that parsed the JSON and rendered the table.